Bushra. R

I like that I’m buying local products and that I am supporting a good initiative. The food is also tasty. I really enjoy their apple juice!

Abhinash. P

The quality of the products are good. Generally I purchase honey, beans, kidney beans and products from Mustang.

Sushma. S

Everything is good. I typically buy honey, black lentil, beans and fruits.

Sudeshna. S

I like the quality of the products. I usually purchase basmati rice, black tea, pulses, juice, honey, ghee, mustard oil, spice and dried fruit.

Shunny. S

Products are fresh, organic and  natural.

Deepakar. R

Products are from rural areas so farmers hardly apply pesticides and fertilizer. The taste of the agro products are really good.

Neem. P

Products are of really good quality, fresh and without any adulteration.

Keshava. K

Products come from local farmers and we believe they are not adulterated. The products truly represent as labelled. For example, Jumla simi is strictrly Jumla simi!

Bashu. A

The best thing about this endeavor is that it has made it possible to receive products from rural farmers directly to urban dwellers.

Sagun B.

I know the product comes directly from the farmer, which I like! Also, many of the products are not processed/in crude form and there is an option to purchase products from different districts